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Wildcat Student Expectations (Living Life the Wildcat Way)


All Students will be:

    • Productive Learners

      • Access and use resources to develop academic, career and/or personal goals.

      • Demonstrate study skills by setting priorities and organizing time and resources effectively.

      • Demonstrate technological literacy by utilizing a variety of current tools (e.g. internet, multimedia resources, computer applications, etc.) to complete work.

    • Responsible Citizens

      •  Demonstrate an understanding of their roles and responsibilities on campus, in the community and in the ever-changing pluralistic world.

      • Demonstrate an understanding of personal health and wellness mentality, physically and socially.

    • Innovative Critical Thinkers 

      • Question, analyze and evaluate information and ideas.

      • Use acquired information and imagination to generate original ideas, recognize problems and advise and implement creative plans of action.

      • Utilize learned content to relate and apply to real-life experiences.

    • Determined Respectful Collaborators

      • Participate cooperatively as team members and contribute to group efforts and the community at large.

      • Demonstrate leadership abilities, organizational skills and problem-solving skills.

    • Effective Communicators

      • Convey ideas through oral communication, writing, artistic expressions, technology and numbers.

      • Read and evaluate a broad variety of materials.

      • Exhibit negotiation skills, conflict resolution and the ability to compromise.


Living Life the WILDCAT WAY

Schoolwide expectations:
No outside Food