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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What if I want to try out for a sport?    
Watch the daily bulletin for tryout information, talk to the coach or Athletic Director regarding tryout dates, pick up an athletic packet, complete all information, and return it to the Athletic Director BEFORE TRYOUTS. 

What do I do if I feel sick and need to go home?    
See the school nurse in the Health Office (in the main hallway next to the principal's office). It would help if you had a note from your teacher to go to the nurse. 

How do I get tickets to a dance or event?    
Tickets to all semi-formal and formal dances are available in our Student Store.  Class-sponsored dance tickets are usually sold in front of the Library or at the pep state. 

What if I can't open my locker?    
Report any locker problems to one of our Secretaries (Room 103 or 104). The custodian will rectify the issues ASAP. 

What if I lost a book or jacket or something?    
Lost and found articles are turned in to the library. 

How do I get a work permit?    
Work permits are required by law for students under the age of 18. They are available in Room 103 (9th and 10th grade) and Room 104B (11th and 12th grade).

Do I need a parking permit?    
Parking permits are available to Juniors and Seniors Only in the Activities and Operations Center. 

What if I want to sign up for an AP exam?    
AP sign-ups are in the Student Store. Check in advance for the costs associated with these exams. 

What do I do if I have a personal problem?    
Counselors can be a tremendous help to students who are having personal difficulties. Visit them in the Counseling Office - Room 104B.

How do I get college information?    
The counseling staff has college reference material and information.  What will I need to be successful in my academic classes? Students should come prepared each day with pens/pencils, paper, folders, a backpack, a pocket dictionary, a calculator, etc. Having a nutritious breakfast and a positive attitude is also a great idea! 

What if I want to go to a class-sponsored dance?    
You will need an MHS ASB card or ID card to show at the gym door, identifying you as an MHS student. An ASB card will also save you $ on your ticket purchase. 

How do I participate in my P.E. class?   
All P.E. classes (boys and girls) wear a PE uniform. They may be purchased from the student store, or students may wear appropriate gym attire (white tee shirt and green shorts) 

What do I do on the first day of the team tryout?    
You must have a completed athletic packet turned into the athletic directors or your coach and be cleared to be eligible to try out for any team. 

What do I need for graduation?    
All seniors will be provided a cap and gown for graduation.  Students also have the option to purchase a keepsake cap and gown. Seniors and their parents are invited to college planning night, where they will hear college speakers, etc. Watch for more graduation details in the daily bulletin. 

What if I want to see a counselor?   
Students can fill out a Counselor Request form in the Counseling Office. They will then be called in as soon as possible.   

How do I go off campus for lunch?   
Any student who goes off campus for lunch must have an ASB or Student ID card with an "off-campus" sticker. Students should be ready to display IDs upon request by school personnel.