MHS Math & Science Academy

The MHS Math & Science Academy
The MHS Math & Science Academy (MASA) is flourishing at Monrovia High School. MASA is a comprehensive, four-year high school curriculum at MHS for students interested in pursuing math and sciences as a career pathway.
MASA includes over 300 students, five teachers, and two dedicated counselors. MASA also has multiple programs like Robotics, Rocketry, and MASA Mentors.
In 2015, MASA was awarded the California School Board Association Golden Bell Award, which promotes excellence in education and school board governance by recognizing outstanding programs. In 2014, MASA received the California Gold Ribbon Schools Award from the State Department of Education to highlight exceptional educational programs. As a result of this distinct honor, MHS proudly displays the Gold Ribbon seal on its facade facing Colorado Boulevard.

Attention Students & Parents! 8th Grade Applications Now Available!

MASA applications are now available for all current 8th grade students. Applications are found at the attached links and are due on March 1st. Email Mrs. Ford if you have any questions! **You may only apply to and be enrolled in one academy**

MASA: 8th Grade MASA Application

The MASA Application window opens in February. If you are interested in applying, please contact Mrs. Ford around that time. More information will be posted here as the dates are finalized.
Need MASA information? Contact Kristin Ford at [email protected] for the answers to any questions you might have.
MASA Application Process
The MASA application window opens up every February for just a few weeks. Applications will be available on this website and at Clifton & Santa Fe. Applications must be completed in full and be turned in by the due date. Incoming 9th graders are required to take a MASA Assessment test as part of their application...high schoolers are not required to take this test.
A MASA entrance score includes a student's grade in their math class, science class, and assessment score (8th graders only for the assessment score). Using this MASA entrance score, 75 students are admitted to the program...more if we have space in a particular year.

To Become A MASA Graduate:

- Maintain C grades or better in the required college/university admission courses.
- Complete a minimum of 15 volunteer service hours per year (in addition to any other MHS service requirements).
- Complete at least 3 AP Courses in Science and/or Math (Sports Medicine or Intro to Engineering pathways count as 1)
  • PLUS 1 AP Course in any other subject (can still include math or science)
  • Follow all prerequisites for advanced and AP courses (which is a B- or better)
  • MUST receive a C or better to receive Academy credit for each course
- Submit and complete an approved Junior Project
- Follow the 4 year plan put in place by your counselor.
MASA Boosters
MASA Boosters is a non-profit 501(c) organization that helps support MASA through organizing events and fundraising. Events organized by MASA Boosters include:
  • Parent Orientation Night
  • MASA Awards Night
  • Junior Project Grants
MASA Boosters also fund raises to support robotics, rocketry, acaDeca,  MASA field trips, MASA awards, junior project grants, and get - ahead summer school classes for MASA students. Please support MASA Boosters by purchasing a membership.
MASA Mentors
MASA Mentors is a leadership program that all MASA students are welcome to join. Our MASA students plan a math or science based lesson (including teaching content and a hands - on activity), and then travel to all 5 of our local elementary schools and teach that workshop to their 4th and 5th grade students. This is a wonderful experience for both our MASA students and our elementary school students! Contact Mrs. Ford to join!