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It is the vision of the stakeholders of the Monrovia High School community to graduate students who are prepared to succeed in the 21st century and ready to make a positive difference in their lives and the lives of others.
Monrovia High School is the only 9-12 comprehensive high school in the Monrovia Unified School District. Established in 1893, the present campus is located in an attractive environment of neo-Spanish architecture, green lawns, hundred-year-old oak trees, and is nestled against the San Gabriel Mountains.
In 2006, the citizens of Monrovia approved a $45 million dollar bond exclusively for the high school. Major construction will transform the campus by adding a new science building with modern technology labs, a new gymnasium to support the physical education and sports programs, a new stadium and bleachers, and overall renovation of the campus.
Monrovia High School has traditional six period day that supports a rigorous academic program while allowing students to participate in electives. Six fifty-seven minute periods encompass the school day with the exception of zero period. MHS has a strong ROP program that allows real world experience for both college and career bound students.
This is the third year of implementation of the Math/Science academy offering rigorous courses for those students who meet the pre-requisite classes.
The school's observatory has been renovated through school and private donations and is being used by the astronomy class and club. The new telescope, hardware, software, and renovation make the observatory a premiere astronomy site. Partnerships between JPL, Griffith Observatory, and Mead will strengthen the growth of this program.
MHS has one of the few accepted University of California "a-g" courses that combines science with career technical course. The new Auto-Physics class gives students the opportunity to experience applied science in the classroom.
MHS adheres to the belief that as educators it is our responsibility to create the environment and circumstance where all students can and will succeed. To that end MHS offers a rigorous advanced placement program, a proven AVID program and an array of support classes for English Language Learners to ensure student access to the curriculum.
MHS provides excellent co-curricular and extra-curricular programs for its students. The learning opportunities at MHS support and enhance students' efforts to be successful today and in the future.