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School Site Coordinating Council and Parent Groups

School Site Coordinating Council (SSCC)

 Roles and Responsibilities of a School Site Council

The composition of the School Site Council is mandated by law. It achieves a balance in membership among parents, teachers, other school staff, community members, and students in the case of secondary schools. Middle schools are not required to include student members. Parents nominate and elect parent and community representatives; teachers elect teachers. The principal is always included as a voting member of the School Site Council.

The responsibilities of the School Site Council include:

  • Analyzing and evaluating the academic achievement of students
  • Developing and approving Single School Plan and all proposed expenditures by state and federal laws
  • Recommend the Single School Plan and budget to the local governing board
  • Monitor the implementation of the Single School Plan and expenditures
  • Conduct an annual evaluation of progress towards Single School Plan goals
  • Revise the Single School Plan as needed
  • Participate in all local, state, and federal reviews of the school’s program for compliance and quality


For questions, please contact the Principal's office at (626) 471-2880

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Monrovia High School welcomes our students and families.  Your involvement in your student's education positively impacts their grades, achievement, attendance, attitudes, behaviors, rate of graduation, and enrollment in post-secondary education.  We welcome your involvement and participation in every aspect of your student's education while they are a student at our school. 
Parent Teacher Student Association
PTSA is a collaborative partnership between home and school.  Parents matter, students matter, and teachers matter!  PTSA is a collective voice that can be used to create a lasting partnership.  We are all invited to Invite, Involve, and invest.  Invite family, friends, and community members to attend school events and activities.  Invite 8th-grade students to explore and attend Monrovia High School.  Involve yourself by attending meetings, joining committees, or volunteering for one-time events to get informed, meet new people, and help our school.  Involve yourself with students, teachers, and other parents to show you care about education.  Support hard work in the classroom, and collaborate with like-minded adults.  Involve the community to offer our students the best educational experience possible.  Invest - your time, talent, and treasure in the education of our children at Monrovia High School.  To join or renew your membership, contact.