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Wildcat General Information

General Rules and Guidelines

Bicycles. Skateboards and Scooters

To minimize accidents in the hallways, students are not to ride bicycles, skateboards, or scooters on campus anytime. Please walk with them from the public sidewalk to the secured fenced area. Racks are provided to park and lock all bicycles. Bicycles and skateboards will be confiscated if students are discovered riding them until parents come to claim them.

College and Career Counseling is available to students through their counselor and student center.  Services include:

  • Career Exploration, College Information, Scholarship Information
  • Applications Military Information
  • Apprenticeship Information Job Showing Program
  • Vocational/Trade School Information Job Placement
  • Work Permits Program Enrollments

Change of Address

Families are responsible for keeping the school informed of any changes of address or phone number that can be used in an emergency. Random home checks are conducted to verify residency.

Closed Campus

No student is to leave the campus anytime during school hours for any reason except bypass by A school official. An individual student's earned credits, G.P.A. results determine this privilege for eleventh and 12-grade students only.


Fees for lost or overdue books must be paid before students are cleared for graduation or admission to fall classes. Fees are paid at the Student Affairs Office or online at the Webstore. The Student Affairs Office accepts cash, credit, and debit cards.

Field Trips

Each student must get clearance from each teacher on the permission slip before attending an all-day field trip. In addition, a parent's signature must be on file granting permission for all off-campus activities.

Food Services

A wide selection of food and beverages are available throughout campus and cafeteria during lunch. Applications for free or reduced lunch may be picked up in the cafeteria office and available at registration. No food or drink is allowed in any classroom. Wherever students choose to eat, they are expected to show school pride by keeping the area free of trash.

Hallways and Hall Passes

During class, all hallways should remain empty. Students excused from a classroom while classes are in session must carry a Hall Pass. MHS uses a standardized pass system. While using the hallways during class, students are expected to maintain an academic learning environment by not running, yelling, using profane language, or making excessive noise.

Identification Cards

All students are given a current MHS ID card upon registration. Every student must carry their current ID at all times. As the name indicates, the card is used to identify the holder. No library services or business transactions will be provided to students not presenting their I.D. cards. I.D. cards are FREE. It is each student's responsibility to make sure their ID picture has been taken.

Internet Usage Agreement

All students must have an MHS Internet Acceptable Use Policy Release on file with the Media Center to use school computers in our labs.


Lockers are available to keep books and other student property needed at school safely. MHS accepts no responsibility for vandalism or lost articles. The school reserves the right to search lockers at any time in the interest of a safe and orderly school operation.

Lost and Found

If clothing, books, backpacks, or notebooks have been lost, check first in the Media Center. The Media Center staff maintains a Lost and Found cabinet.

Make-up Work

If a student is ill or unable to attend school, the parent should communicate directly with the classroom teacher(s) or contact your child's student center. Usually, make-up assignments can be collected from teachers, and the parent may stop by the school to pick them up within 48 hours.

Media Center/ Library

The Media Center maintains a study hall atmosphere throughout the day and after school. Many services are available, and the staff is there to assist students with academic needs. The computers are available whenever teachers have not reserved them during their classes. Library books are available for circulation to students with an I.D. card. Students are financially responsible for all items, including textbooks that are checked out. Unpaid fees, damages, and losses may result in the student not participating in graduation ceremonies.

Medical Appointments

If parents need their student to leave school for an appointment or other pre-planned commitments, a phone call to the attendance clerk should be placed before the time the student leaves. When the parent arrives to pick up the student, the parent should report to the attendance office, and the student will be called from class. Upon returning from an appointment, the student should report to the attendance office before returning to class. If a student leaves school without getting clearance through the office, that student is marked truant.


By law, any medication taken while in school must be stored and administered in the Health Office, where the Health clerk can verify it has been prescribed. Staff may not dispense medication, including aspirin.

Messages and Deliveries

Messages delivered to students during class are limited to official school business and urgent parent communication as relayed through a school office. We encourage students not to have items delivered. The delivery of balloons, food, or flowers to students during the school day is prohibited as it can disrupt the learning environment. All deliveries will be kept at the front office for the student to pick up at the end of the day.


The school newspaper, The Wildcat, provides students with bi-monthly information about activities and events around the campus. This paper is free for all students.

Outside Food


Outside food from delivery services is not allowed. If students have a delivery service bring food, it will be turned away. Food will not be accepted and stored for a student to pick up later. Only parents may bring food for students.


Student Drop Off

Student pick-up and drop-off zones are located along Colorado and Madison Avenue before and after school. However, all gates are locked during school hours, and student access is restricted. Please be advised to use only the one-hour parking area along Colorado Blvd. for late drop-offs.

Student Store

Open during lunch and after school, our student store provides PE uniforms, school supplies, spirit items, and spirit wear. The student store is located in the mid-campus building across from the science building.


Students are responsible for textbooks that are issued to them. It is the student's duty to put a book cover on each text and maintain it in good condition. Free book covers are often available from the Media Center. Charges will be levied for lost or damaged books. When a student withdraws from a class, textbooks must be returned to the Media Center.

Tobacco, Vaping, and related products

Monrovia High School is a tobacco-free school. Board Policy forbids tobacco and vaping products of any kind. Possession and use will result in disciplinary action.

Visitor Policy

Monrovia High School is a closed campus.  Families are welcome to visit your student's classroom any time, but it is necessary to obtain approval in advance by contacting your student's counselor.  Guest speakers and other guests would need to obtain permission in advance from a school official. 

Visitor Parking

Limited parking spaces are available for short-term parking. These spaces are located in the Madison lot and in front of the Administration Building for the one-hour parking. Please do not park in any space designated for school personnel. Remember that all visitors to MHS must check in at the front office.