Two MHS Students Awarded National Recognition

MONROVIA - Monrovia High School celebrates the impressive achievements of two standout students, senior Joaquin Gutierrez-Tunstad and early graduate, current Cal Berkley student Tiber Ray. Among a pool of 72,000 students nationwide, these exceptional individuals have earned distinguished academic honors through the College Board's National Recognition Programs. 

Both students have been honored with the National Hispanic Recognition Award (NHRA), a testament to their exceptional accomplishments. The National Recognition Programs provide a platform for recognizing the noteworthy academic strides of underrepresented students, offering them a chance to spotlight their dedicated efforts throughout their high school journey.

Joaquin Gutierrez-Tunstad and Tiber Ray exemplify the qualities colleges and specialized programs hold in high regard. They serve as representatives of Monrovia High School's commitment to nurturing dedication and excellence among its students.

To qualify for these programs, students need to exhibit a GPA of 3.5 or higher and be part of the top 10% of achievers in assessments within their respective states. Additionally, those who have attained scores of 3 or higher on two or more APĀ® Exams are also eligible to participate.

Congratulations to both Joaquin and Tiber on this outstanding achievement!

Use this link for more information on the National Recognition Programs.