Celebrating Success: MHS Speech and Debate Team Triumphs

Monrovia High School is thrilled to share some remarkable news about the MHS Speech and Debate Team! Our talented team participated in two prestigious tournaments, one at Claremont McKenna College and another at Oaks Christian High School. Their dedication and hard work shone brightly, bringing home a collection of awards and accolades.

At the Claremont McKenna College tournament held on February 24th, our students showcased their exceptional skills and determination, securing notable placements:

  • Oscar Eguia claimed 5th place overall in the speaker position.
  • Mia Sketeris exhibited her prowess by clinching the 1st place novice speaker position and landing 7th place overall.
  • Quinn Hamilton demonstrated outstanding performance, earning the 3rd place novice speaker title.

The momentum continued as our team ventured to Oaks Christian High School on March 2nd, where they won the following recognitions:

  • The team, made up of Daniel Moran, Oscar Eguia, and Mia Sketeris, won first place overall in the team award.
  • Daniel Moran distinguished himself by securing the 3rd place overall speaker position.
  • Mia Sketeris continued her streak, clinching the 3rd place novice speaker and the 9th place overall speaker.
  • Oscar Eguia showcased his skills once again, securing the 15th place overall speaker.
  • Caleb Watson showcased his talent, earning the 9th place novice speaker title.
  • Additionally, Anabel Mastrobuono received the novice speaker award, further highlighting the depth of talent within our team.

Our Speech and Debate Team's achievements are not merely about winning awards; they represent the culmination of countless hours of preparation, determination, and teamwork. 

As we celebrate these achievements, let us also extend our gratitude to Brandon Equils, the Speech and Debate Coach, and everyone who has supported the Monrovia High School Speech and Debate Team. Your encouragement plays a vital role in their success, whether through coaching, mentorship, or simply cheering them on.

Congratulations to our Wildcats!