MHS Makes History: Two Seniors Secure QuestBridge Match Scholarships

The Monrovia High School (MHS) community is excited to celebrate the remarkable achievements of two seniors awarded the prestigious Match Scholarships from QuestBridge.

This program matches historically low-income, high-achieving students with the nation's top colleges. This award has not only brought recognition to the individual successes of Guadalupe Hilario and Harry Leng but also marks a historic milestone for MHS, the first time two MHS students have won in the same year.

"It's a lot of weight that's taken off my shoulders," said Hilario. "College tuition these days is so expensive. So I always wondered, how will my parents ever be able to pay that? But now I know that they don't have to worry about that. So that's such a relief."

"I have so many great teachers who have taught me to study, work hard, and pursue my dream despite whatever situation I'm in," said Leng. "The faculty here, especially my counselors, like Miss Ghezzi and Miss Hernandez, are amazing counselors who helped me, um, guiding me in that college journey."

Hilario will attend Washington University in St. Louis, while Leng will head to Duke University. The significance of this achievement extends beyond personal accolades, as the QuestBridge Match Scholarship represents a binding commitment to attend the designated university, ending the rigorous application process.

This double achievement surpasses previous records, making it an extraordinary feat for MHS.

"This achievement is a testament to the exceptional dedication and perseverance of Guadalupe Hilario and Harry Leng. It is a historic moment for our school, showcasing the limitless potential within our student body at MHS," said MHS Principal Adrian Ayala.

The QuestBridge Match Scholarship is not just a recognition; it provides a full four-year scholarship valued at over $200,000. QuestBridge's college partners collaborate to fund this scholarship, utilizing their resources, state aid, and federal assistance.

This comprehensive scholarship covers tuition and fees, housing and food, books and supplies, and travel expenses. It ensures that financial barriers do not hinder the awardees' pursuit of higher education.

Perhaps one of the most remarkable aspects of the Match Scholarship is its commitment to accessibility. Families of awardees are not required to make any financial contributions, eliminating the burden on parents. Awardees graduate without the looming limitation of student loans, allowing them to embark on their post-collegiate journey with financial freedom.

Guadalupe Hilario and Harry Leng's achievement reflects their individual brilliance and underscores the commitment of QuestBridge and its college partners to bridge the gap in educational opportunities. As these seniors embark on their academic journeys at Washington University in St. Louis and Duke University, respectively, their success inspires future generations at MHS.

Congratulations to Guadalupe, Harry, and their families for this fantastic accomplishment!