MHS Teacher Highlighted at Dodgers Stadium

On October 4th, Mr. Paul Dols was recognized by Jostens and the Los Angeles Dodgers for all of his outstanding work in Monrovia.
"Being recognized at Dodger Stadium was an incredibly cool AND surreal experience," said Dols. "Seeing myself on the Jumbotron was super weird."
Jostens, the company MHS uses for class rings and graduation gowns for seniors, selected several teachers from around the LA county area to highlight during the game.
Dols said he was selected for the work he does through the Renaissance program and for always putting the needs of students and staff first.
"It was an honor to receive this award, but the award is really for all of the students who have come through the leadership programs at MHS," he said. "They are the ones that create the magic in existence here at MHS."
Congratulations to Mr. Dols for this fantastic recognition!