Congo Scholarship DUE 4/12/2022

Kevin A. Congo Memorial Scholarship. Please see below for the minimum requirements and information to apply.
Criteria: Who is eligible for the scholarship? 
 Students (graduating seniors) at Monrovia High School for at least 2 years 
 Minimum 3.0 GPA 
 Anticipated attendance at a four year university or a California Community College in preparation for transfer to a university. (Scholarship will be awarded upon verification of acceptance and commitment to attend the university or community college.) 
Application Requirements: What do I need to apply for the scholarship? 
 Complete application form (typed or printed using black or blue ink) 
 One-two page essay per the requirements on page 2 
 Teacher/Coach Recommendation form on page 3 (returned in a sealed envelope) 
 Sealed copy of Transcript (embossed with MHS Seal, in a sealed envelope) 
 All of the above must be submitted on or before April 12th , 2022. (PLEASE NOTE: applications received after 4/12/22 will NOT be considered)

The application is attached to this email.