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Updates: Final Changes to Schedules and Student IDs

Updates: Final Changes to Schedules and Student IDs
Good Morning Wildcat Families,
Please find a few updates.

Thank you for your continued support and flexibility during the opening of this school year. As some of you are aware, we are finalizing our class balancing and staffing which has resulted in schedule changes for some students. I apologize for any disruption to your child's schedule but please know that schedule changes follow the following criteria:
  • Provide students with classes needed for graduation
  • Balancing of students in classrooms
  • Minimize the need for multiple class changes
  • Minimize the need for teacher changes
Please know that our counseling and administrative team have been working hard to make these changes and that final changes will be made over the next few days.
As of last week all of the student requests for schedule changes have been received and processed.

Student IDs and ASB
Last week we hosted photo day (make up day if your child missed it is 10/8). Student identification cards and ASB cards have been printed and will be delivered this week to students. If you still wish to purchase your ASB card, please do!! You can do that on our school web store located Here or by visiting our ASB store. ASB privileges are bountiful so join today!