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                                                       MHS Summer Boost Classes

Dear Wildcats,
We have a great opportunity for you to get connected with some dedicated MHS teachers who will be offering a 2 week summer Boost session. These classes are designed to provide you with extended learning opportunities to support your skills and content understanding during the summer. These classes are entirely free and are designed to be engaging and academically beneficial. The classes will be conducted synchronously and asynchronously (a mixture of live teaching and some independent work) using Google Classroom. Teachers have designed some really good learning opportunities in each of the sections.
The benefit for students is the opportunity to not only get a skill boost helping you for next school year, but by successfully completing the 2 week summer boost class, you can “boost” your spring semester grade in that class (the one you just finished) 1 whole letter grade! If you are an incoming 9th grader that letter grade boost will be applied to your first semester of the 20/21 school year.

The application window is open through this week and will close on Friday 6/19/20. Classes will take place over a 2 week period from 6/24/20-7/8/20. No class on Friday 7/3/20 for the 4th of July Holiday. If you are currently taking a summer school course, you are able to participate in this Booster opportunity as well. 

Below are the course offerings and the teachers who will be teaching them:

Subject Teacher
English I and II Ms. Valdez
English I and II Mrs. Ramirez
Math I Mr. Davis
Math II Mrs. Miranda
Math III Mr. Vazquez
Biology Mrs. Ford
World and/or US History Mr. Equils
Span II Ms. Sanchez
Span II Mr. Campos
French II and III Mrs. Willaume

Attached to this email is a complete list of the courses and the course descriptions.

To sign up for the Summer Boost Class please complete the following questionnaire: MHS SUMMER BOOST SIGN UP 
When this week of sign ups conclude we will notify you of the next steps and how to begin the class the following week.
I hope you will take the opportunity to join us this summer!

Kirk McGinnis
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