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Monrovia Weather Slightly Awesome with a chance of Wildcats
Robotics GoFundME This past Saturday the LA Regional Championships was held at MHS. It featured three teams from MHS and one each from Santa Fe and Clifton. Monrovia teams were well prepared, worked hard, fought hard and did a fantastic job. Congratulations to the Kings & Queens, Suitbots, Graveyard Shift, Cougarrobotics Alpha and Hippie Bots for jobs well done.

Of course, the big news is that the Suitbots won the Connect Award which will qualify them to move on to the West Superregional Championship in Spokane Washington, March 8-11. Congratulations Suitbots and good luck!

Monrovia teams results:
SuitBots: Division Finalist, winner of the Connect Award. Nominated for Design and Control Awards.
Graveyard Shift: Division Finalist
Hippiebots: Alliance Captain, Division Semifinalist
In addition to competing in the tournament we had three teams serve as mission critical volunteers (Team Loki, Droudnoughts and Spectrum).

And then there was a very large group of MASA students who gave up their Saturday to volunteer to help staff the event. Thank you Kristin! They were great!

All in all we had well over 100 MHS kids involved in the event in some capacity. Wow!

So now the Suitbots need to raise $10,000 in two weeks for their trip to Spokane. Check out their GoFundme site and pass it on to anyone you know who might be interested in helping them out.
University of La Verne Omega Psi Phi Youth Leadership Conference
We have a great Saturday school opportunity coming up for our African American young men on March 3rd at the University of La Verne.