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Math » AP Computer Science Summer Assignment

AP Computer Science Summer Assignment

AP Computer Science Summer Assignment 2019-2020


Mr. Cuellar Name: _____________________________

Room 425



Welcome potential AP Computer Science students! This course will be an intense journey through many topics in Programming with Java culminating in May with the AP Exam. In order to complete all the assignments from the class you will need to be able to code in your home computer. You must install the following:



1. Download the most recent version of the Java Developers Kit (JDK) from sure to download the version appropriate for your computer.


2. Download the current version of the NetBeans Development Environment from Once again be sure to download the version compatible for your computer and your Java version.


You will need to have NetBeans installed on our home computer to be able to complete the assignments. Email me if you have any questions.


First, please answer the following questions to learn a little about yourself and your coding experience. Please write a brief summary to answer the following:


What is your programming experience? Do you know any computer languages? Why are you taking this class?