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Monrovia High School Club and Program Descriptors

 Academic Decathlon

Advisor: Annie Van Dyke

The Academic Decathlon is a ten-event scholastic competition for teams of high school students.  Each high school enters a team of nine students: 3 “A” or Honor students, 3 “B” or Scholastic students, and 3 “C” or Varsity students.

Adventure Club

Advisor:  Ryan Menlove

This club thrives on fun, food, exploration, adrenaline, and the overall essence of adventure.  Members unite in order to foster greater levels of “adventurocity”and to take advantage of the many local landmarks and establishments of Southern California.

AP Biology Club

Advisor: Shaun Ho

This academic club was created to help raise money to offset the expense of AP Biology field trips.

Annual Staff

Advisor:  Eric Miller

This group meets every day during 1st period.  They are responsible for producing the high school yearbook.  In order to join the annual staff, one must apply and successfully complete an interview with previous staff and the yearbook advisor.

AP Environmental Science (APES)

Advisor: Trinity Wedgworth

This academic club was created to help raise money to offset the expense of AP Environmental Science field trips.

Art Club

Advisor:  Sal Perez

The purpose of this club is to promote art.

Art & Philosophy Association 

Advisor: Tiffany Parker-Sands

Members discuss topics concerning art, philosophers and their theories.

ASB Cabinet

Advisor: Sandra Duff

The MHS Associated Student Body Cabinet meets one period every day in the Student Activities Office.  This is also known as Leadership Class; it is made up of those students who applied for school-wide appointed or elected offices and were accepted.  This group organizes and runs all aspects of the student government, club and activities at MHS.

Asian Culture Club

Advisor: Shawn Ho 

As representatives of the Asian Culture Club of MHS, we strive to pursue recognition and celebration of Asian culture.  We are a multi-culture group committed to successfully create awareness of the Asian minority in our high school.  Our mission is to enlighten our community, assist our campus by generating more student involvement, educate students of Asian cultures, and represent the Asian community.

Astronomy Club

Advisor:  Pamela Thompson

The club’s purpose is to allow members to meet and discuss current topics in astronomy, and to make observations using the observatory at Monrovia High School.

The Baking Club

Advisor:  Leonard Cheung

This club will bring healthy food to a prominent place in our school’s environment. Members will share healthy and delicious food in a positive, friendly environment on a bi-monthly basis.

Band and Pageantry

Advisor:  Daniel Magallanes

Band members meet sixth period to practice for parades and competitions.  They perform at many school functions including football games.

Black Student Union

Advisor: Genevieve Bagley-Heng

The purpose of this club is to promote cultural awareness and a positive image of Black/African-Americans on campus and in the community, assist members to develop and maintain academic and moral excellence, celebrate diversity, and develop leadership skills.  Scholarships are awarded to high school seniors.  Membership is open to all.  Students meet at lunch every other Thursday in room 120.

California Scholarship Federation

Advisor:  Phil Heng

CSF is a club made up of students who maintain high grades each semester.  If a student qualifies for four semesters including one from their senior year, the student will wear honor cords at graduation.

Chess Club

Advisor: Leonard Cheung

This club is aimed at students who are interested in chess and friendship.

Christian Club

Advisor: Mark Lovers

The club’s sole purpose is to serve as a provider of the knowledge of God and would revel in the introducing of Christianity to the student body.

Club Cure

Advisor: Rosemary Flores

The club’s purpose is to raise cancer awareness and fundraise to donate to The American Cancer Society and The Relay for Life.

Club Five

Advisor: Luis Vazquez

This club was created to enhance students’ outlooks on high level mathematics (calculus) and its impact on the world today, as well as to prepare AP students to score a 5 on the AP test.

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes Club

Advisor:  Chris Stevens

The purpose of this club is to present student-athletes an adventure receiving Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and serving Him in their relationships on and around campus.

French Club

Advisor: Mary Anne Berry

French Club is open to all students interested in learning more about the French language and culture, including food, music, art and films. The club sponsors a variety of activities throughout the year: seasonal parties, visits to art museums and an end-of-the-year luncheon at a French restaurant.

Freshman Class Council

Advisor: Sandra Duff

Freshman class officers and representatives of the freshman class meet regularly to organize fundraisers and other activities for the class.

Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)

Advisor: Mike Wagner

GSA is a student-led organization that provides a safe and supportive environment for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer/questioning youth and their straight allies. It is a club where students of all orientations can celebrate diversity and promote education.


Advisor: Robin Ciccha

Interact is Rotary International's service club for high school students.  As a junior version of the Rotary Club, it seeks to provide the opportunity for young people to work together in a world fellowship dedicated to service and international understanding.  Interact meets twice per month.

International Thespian Society (ITS)

Advisor: Nate Overby

This is the on-campus drama club. Club members support all the productions put on at MHS.  The club also holds drama festivals.

Junior Class Council

Advisor: Sandra Duff

Officers and representatives of the junior class are responsible for hosting the Junior-Senior Prom in the spring

Key Club

Advisor: Philip Heng

This club, which has been in existence since 1922, is a service organization founded to promote the betterment of the community.

 Link Crew

Advisor:  Gretchen Esparza

Club members are dedicated to mentoring and forming positive connections with freshman students.

Math and Science Academy (MASA)

Advisor:  Kristin Ford

Monrovia High School's Math and Science Academy (MASA) serves students who are interested in pursuing math and science careers. The Academy is part of a comprehensive, four-year high school curriculum that offers a highly competitive college-preparatory program and seeks to prepare students for success in college-level math and science classes. Approximately 15.3% of the student body at MHS is a part of MASA, which involves Advanced Placement classes, math and science clubs, professional seminar speaker series, junior year research project, and field trips that give students hands-on experience in the fields of math, science, engineering, and technology. The MASA Club exists to raise money for these experiences. 

Monrovia High School Good Foods Club

Advisor: Shawn Duff

Good food, good people, and good fun. The Good Foods Club at MHS brings students together to celebrate life, various cultures, and the one thing we all have in common: food. The Good Foods Club also conducts food drives for local charities.

Myth Busters

Advisor:  Carter James

This club works together in the pursuit of urban myth busting.  Together members combine their knowledge of science with their reasoning skills in order to determine the plausibility of presented myths.

National Honors Society (NHS)

Advisor: Cynthia Huerta

NHS is for students who maintain a G.P.A. of at least 3.5. Individuals must apply and be accepted in order to participate. Membership is based on scholarship, leadership, and service.

National Technical Honors Society

Advisor: Anne Battle

This group honors students who demonstrate high academic achievement in technical fields.

Orchesis (Dance Team)

Advisor:  Gretchen Esparza

Orchesis is the on-campus dance club.  Members perform dance routines for school events, including school-wide assemblies.

Pep Club

Advisors: Gretchen Esparza and Robin Chicca

Group members promote school spirit all year by cheering at our sports events and pep assemblies. Members are selected through try-outs.


Advisor:  Trinity Wedgeworth

The purpose of Planeteers is to introduce recycling to Monrovia High School.


Advisor:  Paul Dols

Renaissance exists to support and recognize academic achievement.  The Renaissance leadership class meets every day during fourth period to plan and organize academic-related activities.

Rocketry Club

Advisor: Carter James

This club focuses on participating in the construction of rockets and taking part in the TARC competition.  They promote themselves and

others to pursue a career in the field of aeronautics and/or engineering by learning and understanding the rules and components of successful launches.

Safe School Ambassadors

Advisor: Samara Hirsch

Students are trained in mediation and communication techniques to help promote a positive safe campus.

Senior Class Council

Advisors: Paul Dols and Ryan Menlove

Officers and representatives of the senior class meet regularly to plan senior activities.

Skills USA

Advisor: Anne Battle

USA seeks to prepare students for leadership in the world of work. Membership may include all career technology students and teachers.


Advisor: Lacee Boschetto

Sophistique members unite to become proud in being who they are and to portray a positive attitude in their school and community.  The goal is to engender feelings of high self-esteem, assist teenagers in learning how to appreciate their physical appearance, and discover how empowering it is to be unique in a creative manner.

Sophomore Class Council

Advisor: Gretchen Esparza

Officers and representatives of the sophomore class meet to decide on the class ring designs, plan fundraisers, and organize events for the class.

Spanish Club/Spanish Honors Society

Advisor: Daniel Castellanos

Spanish language students meet to explore the cultures of Spanish-speaking people and have fun! Events include: volunteer work, fundraising, dances, and cultural events. Dues vary.


Advisor:  Sal Perez

This club strives to project a positive Latino image on campus and to increase awareness of the Latino culture and heritage.  All fundraising helps to provide scholarships to graduating members who enroll in a college or trade school.

Urban Arts Mural club

Advisor: Jose Marin

Club promoting art and murals.

Wildcat Staff

Advisor:  Swava Stengel

This class/club works on the school newspaper during first period each day.  Students must apply to the advisor.  Eligibility: Student participants are deemed eligible for their respective activity if they have a 2.0 G.P.A. or better, with not more than one F for the grading period.  If a student participant has lower than a 2.0 G.P.A. with not more than one F, he/she is deemed probationary.  This gives him/her eligibility for five weeks from the beginning of the grading period.  After this time, by way of official grade check, they must show a 2.0 or better to remain eligible and continue participating.  A student participant is ineligible if, for the applicable grading period, he/she has two or more F’s or does not have a 2.0 or better after five weeks of probation.  (A grade of Incomplete [I] is considered an F until it has been made up and changed to a different grade in the school’s computer system.)