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School Policies » Student Attendance and Expectations

Student Attendance and Expectations

Monrovia High School

Student Attendance and Expectations Contract



Contraband Items



  1. Drug paraphernalia (pipes, rolling papers, etc.), intoxicants (any drug or alcohol).
  2. Skateboards/rollerblades/bicycles shall not be ridden on campus.
  3. Pornographic material.
  4. Matches/lighters/cigarettes/tobacco products.
  5. Any item that could result in endangering others, causing harm or damage to school property, or those that create a disturbance on campus.
  6. Any weapon or item that can be construed as a weapon (pepper sprays, laser pointers, replica guns etc).


Note:  Electronic devices such as cell phones may be carried and used only when not disruptive to the instructional program.  These devices may only be used during classtime at the direction of the classroom teacher. Students in violation of this expectation are subject to progressive discipline.


Discipline procedures will be enforced for all contraband items.  Discipline may include parent conference, detention, suspension, and/or expulsion. Certain offenses such as physical altercations, under the influence and/or possession of illegal substances, weapons or damages to school property may be punishable by MPD citation, fine or arrest.



Dress Code

Clothing that is inappropriate in size shall not be worn.  All pants and shorts must be hemmed and fit at the waist. All clothing shall be school appropriate.  Clothing deemed to be distractive to the educational process will not be allowed.

  1. No bare midriffs, low cut, backless, strapless or tops that are revealing.
  2. Dresses, skirts, or shorts must be appropriate for school and not be revealing.




It is the expectation that all students attend every class, every day, on time. Any student that does not meet these expectations may be restricted from extra-curricular activities and/or campus privileges including but not limited to athletics, performances, competitions, dances, off campus lunch permits, parking privileges, etc. Progressive discipline will be administered for violation of these expectations.

Saturday School will be provided for students to earn back the above listed privileges.

Please refer to the attendance contract in this packet and located on our school website.




I have read the documents pertaining to the Monrovia High School Standards of Dress and Contraband Items policies.  I do hereby agree to uphold all standards listed on these documents.  



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